How to Keep in Touch:
1) Follow us on Facebook
2) Join the non group subscriber at the in world store
3) Join the VIP group (click the VIP sign in our main store)
4) For you Flickr lovers, you can find my stream here.

How to Contact Me:
Before contacting me please make sure your concern is not already addressed below. If these cannot help you, use the Contact form here. If you prefer to contact me in world you can drop me a note card.

Event Coordinators:
I receive many event invitations. I try to look at each and respond if I can, but this isn’t always possible. Thank you for your understanding.


  • RETURNS/REFUNDS: There are no returns/exchanges on sale and no trans items so please buy with caution. Refunds will not be given for accidental purchases or not liking the product after purchase. Always try a demo before purchase. If, however, there is an issue or error with your product which I am unable to fix I will consider refunds/store credit on a case-by-case basis. Fortunately I’ve never had something I couldn’t solve.
  • DOUBLE PURCHASES: For in world purchases the vendor system usually catches any attempts to buy an item you already own and automatically refunds you. In the event a double purchase gets past the system a refund for the duplicate item will be given. Please keep in mind that any Marketplace purchases may be refunded minus the 5% commission taken by the Marketplace.
  • DEMOS: Our appliers are created for a variety of heads in order to make them available to more users. Appliers will look different depending on the body/head and shape being used, so always try a demo first. Different heads and bodies use different UVs, so please do not assume that a product will look the same as the ad. I do my best to make them as similar as possible, but it’s impossible for them to match exactly. Again, always try a demo first.

One of my items appears to be broken or missing. What should I do?
Contact me detailing what you purchased and the nature of your problem.

Do you do custom work?
Due to lack of time I cannot take custom orders right now, but I am always open to suggestions and willing to consider collaboration with other creators.

I purchased an item but I never received it.
First, try getting a redelivery at the in world store. Look for the large pink letters at the main desk. If you still don’t receive the item and several minutes have passed, or redelivery isn’t recognizing your purchase, please Contact me.

I keep paying your vendor but it just refunds me. What gives?
The vendor is set to refund a customer if they have already purchased an item. Please do an inventory search to check. If you don’t see it or need it redelivered please use the redelivery terminal at the front desk.

I don’t understand how to use mesh bodies and/or heads and I’m totally confused and overwhelmed!
Check out this helpful video to learn the basics of using a mesh body and head. There are also a few tutorials on which may be of use. I highly suggest joining their in world group if you need to ask questions. I also have a list of body/head specific tutorials here

Which meshes can I use your appliers on?
We do our best to support as many of the most popular meshes as possible. Always check the product information to see what meshes are supported and try a demo.

Where can I find nails for men’s bodies?
All nail appliers will work for both the male and female version of the supported body types. If you are interested in ‘masculine’ styles we have a selection in our MAN-ICURE section at the main store. Men of course are not limited to these styles, but I created this area after requests for more masculine nail options.

Where can I get more information specific to the mesh head/body I am using?
Try the website for your mesh, they usually have helpful information. Here are some of the most popular:

What if I need appliers for a body/head that you don’t include in your items?
Omega works with a wide range of meshes. Check out their website to see what meshes are supported and how to use their appliers.

I purchased one of your appliers but it doesn’t seem to work, what’s wrong?
A: There are a few things that may cause this problem. The most common are:

  1. You don’t have one of the compliant mesh items. The applier you are using must work for the mesh you want to apply it to, either the original mesh (Such as Belleza, Maitreya or Slink) OR have Omega installed on the mesh. For example, if you use a Catwa head you need a Catwa applier. A Lelutka head needs a Lelutka applier, etc. The except to this is Omega, their appliers support multiple meshes. Check out their website to see what meshes are supported and how to use their appliers.
  2. For makeup, tattoos, clothing layers, brows and other items which apply OVER the base layer of a mesh, check to make sure that you do not have that layer disabled through the HUD. For example, if attempting to apply eyebrows to your Catwa head check your Catwa HUD and ensure the transparency of your brows. If you don’t understand what this means, check the instructions for your item on how to enable/disable applier layers.
  3. You need to update your mesh. If you don’t have the latest update the applier may not work. If it’s been a while since you updated stop by your vendor to get an update.
  4. You are in a location in which scripts are disabled. Up at the top of your screen near where the name of your location is displayed look for a small icon similar to a piece of paper, with a red circle and a slash through it. If you see this it means no scripts will work where you are (unless you happen to the in the land group which gives you permission). TP to a sandbox and try again.

If none of these seem to resolve your issue, Contact me and detail your issue. On some occasions SL is just finicky or the scripts break and you may need a new HUD sent over.

Also, thanks to the following resources: